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About Threshold

A story of drones and the future of agriculture

Late 1900s

Dr. Julius Neubronner, a German apothecary, submitted a patent application for a new invention: the pigeon camera. He took some of the first aerial photographs. [1]

Agronomy was established as a department in the Agricultural Experiment Station in 1908. Alfred Wiancko became the first Head of the agronomy department in the Agricultural Experiment Station. [4][5]


Aircraft manufacturer Huff-Daland & Co. built the first aircraft specifically designed for crop dusting in 1923-1924. It was developed to protect the cotton fields of the southern United States against the boll weevil insect. [7]


The Logic Theorist was displayed at the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence (DSRPAI) hosted by John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky in 1956. It was a program designed to mimic the problem solving skills of a human The program was a collaboration between Herbert Simon and Allen Newell and was funded by Research and Development (RAND) Corporation. [2]

Image of Herbert Simon and Allen NewellHerbert Simon (left) and Allen Newell (right)

Late 1960s

In the late 1960s, computer vision began at universities that were pioneering artificial intelligence. It was meant to mimic the human visual system, as a stepping stone to endowing robots with intelligent behavior. [3]

Example of pose detection, computer vision


The precision agriculture movement begins. Farmers started using GPS, geographic information systems (GIS), yield monitors and other software to collect field data. [8]

Processed satellite imagery


DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, announces the launch of a smart, crop-spraying agricultural drone: The DJI Agras MG-1 [6]


The DJI AGRAS T40 is introduced at AirWorks 2022. The T40 is an engineering marvel that represents 7 years of expertise.


ThresholdUAV delivers the industry first multi-UAV control software to simplify and scale drone operations on the farm.

Drone telemetry from ThresholdUav mission control

Threshold is building on 100 years of innovation.

Years of hard work and effort have gone into today's precision ag approaches: we have come a long way from strapping cameras to pigeons! Farmers have access to incredible tools that, if used correctly, can have a major impact on their harvest.

Technology has become ubiqutous on the farm, yet the price of food continues to climb and farmers are feeling the crunch.

We believe that advanced automation, purpose-built for modern agriculture will reduce material costs and improve crop yield. In particulaur, multi-UAV control software aims to orchestrate drones on the farm. Drones specialized for mapping will zip across sections, images will be collected and processed, and larger spray drones will follow up to deliver measured doses of chemicals exactly where they are needed.

Multi-UAV control software that enables fast, high detailed aerial photos is where we will start becuase everything is easier when you have the big picture.

Taking "Birds eye view" to new heights.

Image of mac hunik

Mac Hunik, CEO

a Mechanical Engineering Technology graduate, excels in innovative problem-solving. With expertise in competitive robotics and a professional history in avionics and aerial survey, Mac has extensive experience in traditional aircraft surveying. He enjoys building and flying lightweight FPV drones, showcasing his skills in mechanical design and 3D printing. These diverse experiences inspired the creation of Threshold.

Image of seann coulson

Seann Coulson, COO

3rd generation Alberta entrepreneur with a background in business management and accounting

Image of chris lemmon

Chris Lemmon, CTO

Mechanical Engineer with a background in Robotics

Image of shane wade

Shane Wade, Head of Software

Software Engineer with a background in AI and mapping

We are based in Calgary, Alberta

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