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Get fast and high detail aerial photos

Unleash the power of multi-UAV control software for faster, high detail aerial photographs

*Video comparing single UAV mapping to multi-UAV mapping

Single UAV photography trades speed for resolution.

Drone operators need to understand what their client wants to accomplish with the photos, and then dial in flight settings that balance flight time, and photo quality. The result is usually the lowest quality for the fastest time, based on the drone operators estimate.

The photos didn't have the detail you needed.

You needed photos of your field before an upcoming hail storm. You got the quote that fit your budget and time-frame but when you gave the photos to the insurance company, they couldn't use them to adjust your claim.

Never trade quality for speed again.

Our drone control software enables multi-UAV photography. You will get the detail you need when you need it.

Improve your drone standards on the farm

Easily Repeatable Missions

Reusable mission plans, so you can easily repeat the same photo job

Rapid Crop Photography

Assign multiple UAVs to a mission to get it done faster, with the same detail

Faster Value Delivery

Stitch and deliver the final orthomosaic photos in record time with our image processing pipeline

You're ready for next level of drone control

Industry leaders trust us to deliver the data they need, when they need it

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By the numbers:

160 acres

One Camera Drone*
  • ~25 minutes of flight time
  • 2cm ground sample distance (GSD)
Three Camera Drones*
  • ~8 minutes flight time
  • 2cm ground sample distance (GSD)

*Assuming DJI Mini 2, 30mins flight.

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